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Market Awareness is a veteran CX/CI provider with a deep background and experience in Primary Research projects. Conducting Win/Loss, Buyer Intelligence, and Customer Experience projects, we deliver our clients complete Customer Experience solutions to drive customer and revenue strategies.

We are deeply rooted in the CX and CI communities. Being strong players in those communities for over a decade, we've established platforms and launched highly successful city chapters in both disciplines. We chair various US and European user groups and have been honored with various industry achievement awards. Our team members have spoken at national, international, and regional events, summits, and conferences on both CX and CI. We regularly perform customer experience and intelligence workshops and mentoring, in addition to teaching various certification programs for associations and organizations.

We specialize in:

1.) Win/Loss Analysis (buyer and lost prospect intelligence with our Intelligence Portal)

2.) Product Viability Analysis (buyer value perceptions of your offering or future enhancements)

3.) Merger & Acquisition Buyer Intelligence (valuation in due diligence and post-merger integration)

​​4.) Win/Loss & Business Intelligence training (online training roadmaps and certifications)

​5.) Intelligence Portal (ability to slice and dice all your intelligence and drive internal initiatives)

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80% of high-performing companies know that having a centralized portal for this type of information and intelligence drives results, since buyer intelligence is power. Information costs your organization money – intelligence makes your organization money.

Companies that actually use their Win/Loss insights:

  • More focused strategic and tactical initiatives
  • Experience 12% higher customer retention
  • Dramatically reduce existing customer churn
  • Enjoy almost double year-over-year revenue growth per salesperson
  • See 4x the increase in lead conversion due to understanding the customer experience (CX) and their journey with your organization
  • Identify upselling opportunities to existing customers
  • Considerably higher lost prospect re-engagement