Market Awareness created an Ambassador program in mid 2021 to leverage some of their existing relationships in various industries. Networking abilities, selecting from free conferences nation-wide, reward challenges, and getting commissioned as if you were an internal salesperson are just some of the perks.


Ambassador level. Ambassadors receive 25% commission based on the prospect that is submitted and Market Awareness closes. All you have to do is fill out a couple of fields on the prospect and we'll do the rest (we start by sending them an introduction email and schedule a time to quickly review what Market Awareness can offer their organization). Ambassadors can have unlimited Affiliates below them.

Affiliate level. Affiliates receive 20% commission based on a prospect they submit being closed by Market Awareness (the Ambassador that brought the Affiliate in receives 5%).

Referral level. Referrals receive 1% commission based on anything their Ambassador submits and Market Awareness closes. The person that submitted the Ambassador will be hooked to them and their prospects. Unlimited Referrals can be submitted. 


Once a prospect is submitted, Market Awareness begins stepping that individual through our sales scheduling process. Each Friday an Ambassador, Affiliate, or Referral will receive a detailed tracking sheet on each of their prospects and the sales processes that are in progress trying to close them. 


We plan to have various challenges throughout the year with our first challenge being in January 2022 where all individuals generating at least $30k by 12/31/2021 will stay in Las Vegas for a weekend and attend a professional hockey game. This will give each Ambassador and Affiliate a chance to be rewarded for their prospects and network with others.



Being An Ambassador

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