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ExxonMobil purchased an enterprise-wide online training and certification subscription from VoiceoftheBusiness Academy. Access to all of the online trainings, certifications, and templates is available for ANY employee of ExxonMobil, globally.

​This webpage has been set up for your convenience and easy access to valuable training Exxon already has a subscription to.

Submit your first and last name, and email address (has to have the extension "exxonmobil.com" to ensure you are an employee and then we'll validate it), and we'll set you up in the training portal and associate you with the Exxon Online Training Group. We'll then email you once you're setup and then you'll have access to all of the online training solutions, templates, and you'll be able to obtain certification.

Should you have any questions, contact me at:

Dean Gronostaj


Chemical Information Center




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Should you want to know more about VoiceoftheBusiness Academy, here are some quick links:

1.) About the Academy  < click here >

2.) Listing of all online courses < click here >

3.) Subject Matter Expert (SME) roadmaps you can be certified in < click here >

4.) Academy alumni and testimonials < click here >

Again, this is for ExxonMobil employees only, since ExxonMobil has already purchased an enterprise-wide subscription, there is no subscription fee to you. Once you're registered you can take unlimited courses and get certified in none, one, or all SME roadmaps.