We are looking at the viability of creating a non-profit organization that helps athletes get online training in business solutions that are in-demand by organizations, thereby providing the athlete with business skill sets and a competitive advantage in the workforce for obtaining higher-paying jobs and careers.

Our vision is to offer individual courses to an athlete or roadmaps of courses that enables them to be certified in a given discipline. The courses would be professionally scripted, voiced, and animated. The courses would be available on-demand (24x7x365 on phone, laptop, PC, or tablet). Our courses would be focused on business solutions (ie – How To Do A Business SWOT Analysis, Handling Difficult Customers, Building Great Customer Relationships, Business War Gaming, Implementing a Competitor Intelligence Program, Building Great Customer Relationships, etc).

These courses would not take the place of a BA or any college degree, but instead be used to accent the athlete’s existing skill set and make them more valuable to employers – or give them the ability to create their own organization based on the course templates and deliverables they’d receive. Each online course comes with templates and deliverables to be used immediately in any organization.

Many of the business solutions taught are in high-demand from organizations – thereby giving the athlete a competitive advantage over others.

Our overall intent with this questionnaire is to hear from athletes or those involved in athletics to see if they feel this is a viable solution. That is why we have measurable questions; we plan to consolidate all those scores to decide if we should proceed with this initiative. 

All submissions to this questionnaire are anonymous.