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“We leverage the online training platform from Market Awareness to allow our global personnel to learn cutting-edge business solutions. Getting our people trained and certified gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace on all kinds of different business solutions."

Exxon Mobil (Dean Gronostaj) 


We allow organizations to pull back the covers on their business, products, sales, delivery, and marketing perceptions, while making more focused strategic and tactical decisions to align their organization.

Organizations can stop guessing at what they "think" they're doing right or wrong.

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“We have been using Market Awareness for many years to provide us with the intelligence needed to drive dozens of programs internal to IQVIA. They're the backbone to a lot of what we do and driving internal teams focused on customer and product initiatives."

​IQVIA (Barb Barrett) 

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"Hands-down that the intelligence Market Awareness provides us has changed our company and growth for the better. Their data and intelligence drive our corporate strategies and tactical initiatives with our products and services."

StudioNorth (Mark Mohr)