Customer: Marketing Services Provider
Challenges Faced:

  • Losing prospects a concern, but unsure of total impact to organization
  • Concerned they were getting biased feedback from sales and marketing people - price frequently cited with no further evidence or details
  • Unsure if their value proposition was being communicated to potential buyers consistently (they were losing some important deals that they should have won solidly)
  • Were not tracking any measurable key indices regarding organizational, sales, marketing, or delivery performance and expectations
  • Unsure which strategic and tactical initiatives should be priority and their impacts on revenues
  • Limited processes in place with existing customers and lost prospects to engage in feedback opportunities
  • Unsure how they truly compared to their primary competitors
  • Assumed they knew what their strengths and weaknesses were (which dramatically impacted strategic and tactical initiatives)
  • Limited understanding of which salespeople needed additional coaching
  • Unsure which service offering enabled customers to most likely more to other service offerings (upsell and cross sell)
  • Didn't have a system to house the information and intelligence
  • Only leveraged secondary research gathering (internet based)

Solutions Implemented
Win/Loss Analysis conducted by unbiased 3rdparty, Market Awareness 

  • Detailed expectation discussion with executives, sales, delivery, and marketing personnel - Communicated project goals and generated custom question sets
  • Established a solid baseline of existing customers and lost prospects that would be considered as the baseline for the initiative (including multiple contacts within each sample)
  • Reviewed all key indices and the scoring mechanisms
  • Scheduled "deep-dive" discussions with primary salesperson for each baseline sample (to identify secondary question sets unique to a specific sample)
  • Established information ownership
  • Established communication structure and templates to ensure sample responses
  • Ensured strategic, unbiased, and measurable information was going to be obtained
  • Transformed information into intelligence on key indices to ensure organization could immediately act upon it
  • Established a program to capture all qualitative information to support all question sets
  • Implemented primary research gathering techniques to obtain direct interaction with existing customers and lost prospects (human-to-human or HUMINT)
  • Implemented an intelligence portal to contain all information and intelligence


  • Identified strengths and weaknesses across all key indices and aligned those with buyer expectation gaps
  • Obtained insights into competitor comparisons and provided qualitative rationales
  • Obtained qualitative and quantitative information and intelligence
  • Linked key indice intelligence to predictive analytics (how many existing customers would stop doing business with them, how many lost prospects should be re-engaged, which existing customers were in-jeopardy, which existing customers should upsold to, etc.)
  • Impact analysis report created for the company as a whole to understand which key indices had the greatest impact on increasing revenues and therefore should be priority
  • Implemented a closed-loop feedback program for all existing customers and lost prospects
  • Implemented an intelligence portal where all organizational levels could slice and dice their own intelligence and generate reports to use in strategy and tactical meetings
  • Ability to address existing customer concerns in days versus months
  • Generated tactical guides to allow sales to strategically go after competitive opportunities
  • Re-engaged 3 lost prospects using feedback provided
  • Increased revenues by 16% over 1 year

Client Attributes Program Success To

  • Allowing a 3rd party to come in and implement an intelligence program
  • The quality of intelligence derived from interviews conducted, and the depth of the candid insights
  • Gap scoring allowing key indice prioritization and ability to pinpoint mitigating weaknesses and promoting strengths
  • “The clear guidance that the gap scoring provided allowed us to strategically impact revenues by focusing on the specific areas we could improve upon with our customers and prospects. We were essentially able to cut our largest gap scores in half! There is no doubt that we attribute this engagement to our significant revenue growth over the past year.”

Continuous Progress

  • Monthly sales intelligence (tactical) meetings with new samples analyzed
  • Quarterly organizational (strategy) meetings to understand new trends (both positive and negative)
  • On-going intelligence obtained through continuous win/loss program
  • Quick analysis of new service enhancements (service viability intelligence)
  • Monthly customer advisory discussions to ensure alignment of expectations

CASE STUDY: Customer Project






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