We provide advanced Voice of the Business ® (VoB) solutions to allow firms to truly understand the health and performance of their organization, allowing them to ignite revenues. VoB covers all three disciplines of Customer Insights, Employee Insights, and Competitive Insights, and turns those insights into intelligence that is strategic, unbiased, actionable, measurable, and repeatable.
Our VoB solutions provide an unprecedented ability to support better decision-making and enable organizational agility by allowing key performance metrics to be identified and addressed, not in quarters or months, but in days or minutes.
Our cloud solution dashboard, detailed reports, and proactive alerts allow organization-wide communication at your fingertips.
VoB is one of the top goals driving today's organizations to remain successful and competitive. Click here to see some of our white papers, case studies, and other related articles to Customer, Employee, and Competitive insights.

VoB programs help companies reduce customer and employee turnover and improve sales, ultimately resulting in topline revenue growth. Let our clients explain why Market Awareness has earned an industry-leading 94% reference rating over the past 5 years.


Market Awareness provides critical advanced Voice of the Business ® (VoB) intelligence needed to make more informed decisions and increase
corporate revenues. Unlock your true VoB and compete on
a whole new level in today's challenging economy.

Advanced VoB programs enable organizations to access the minds of their competition, employees, and buyers. The intelligence gathered in the process is used by numerous stakeholders within your organization
to develop strategic plans, marketing plans, launch new products,
train service personnel, and support sales conversations
and decision making.

Companies successfully leveraging VoB programs within their customer management activities accomplish year-over-year performance gains, such as a 28.3% increase in annual company revenue, and 14.5% increase in customer satisfaction.

Events as of November 24, 2015

SCIP Atlanta Conference
Mon. May 11, 2015 to Thu. May 14, 2015
Atlanta, GA
SCIP/CICI China Summit
Sun. March 29, 2015 to Mon. March 30, 2015
Shanghai, China
SCIP Amsterdam Conference
Mon. November 3, 2014 to Wed. November 5, 2014
Amsterdam, Holland

News as of November 24, 2015

After 2 Years of Creation - VoiceoftheBusinessAcademy.com Launched
A sister company was launched in November 2014 to service customers of Market Awareness who wanted training in advanced intelligence solutions that Market Awareness typically only offered consulting solutions for. VoiceoftheBusinessAcademy.com will provide professionally produced interactive online training courses and certifications to their customers globally...
Mon. November 3, 2014
Market Awareness Honored with 2013 Award in Orlando
During SCIP’s 2014 annual conference in Orlando, FL, Crystal Pieschel, Sales Executive at Market Awareness, accepted the Special Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession Award from the SCIP Board of Directors.
Tue. May 13, 2014
SCIP Excellence Award: Market Awareness, Austin SCIP Chapter
We're very proud to share with you that the Austin SCIP Chapter, Chaired by Crystal Pieschel and Glen Brynteson, was recognized as one of the most active and innovative chapters by SCIP at its annual conference last week in Orlando.
Mon. May 5, 2014


                                 May 2013: VoB Featured Commercial


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