is our online intelligence portal that allows our customers to view their intelligence in real time, review key performance indicators to run what-if scenarios, and conduct predictive/trend analysis on all of their analyzed organizational intelligence.

Why You'll Make More Revenue With Us

Market Awareness has been implementing

Customer Experience (CX) and

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

solutions for over a decade.

We provide various CX/CI solutions that will allow

you to achieve higher customer engagement,

reduce customer churn, increase revenues,

decrease costs, and obtain

greater employee satisfaction.

Online & On-demand




Our sol utions will allow your organization to implement all aspects of a Customer Experience initiative to drive competitive advantages in your markets. Our solutions allow you to select only the CX components you need. We take the guesswork

out of strategic and tactical CX initiatives and provide you with the information

and intelligence to drive your internal programs - all focused on your

customers and buyers. Increasing customer retention

and decreasing new customer acquisition

costs is what we do - and then some.


Schedule a free advisory hour regarding any of your customer or intelligence programs. Market Awareness experts will provide guidance to you or your team about going around roadblocks or best practices to achieve your desired results.


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