is our online intelligence portal that allows our customers to view their intelligence in real-time, review key performance indicators to run what-if scenarios, and conduct predictive/trend analysis on all of their analyzed organizational intelligence.

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Market Awareness is partnered with, an accredited online training company that helps organizations, universities, and professionals learn critical business intelligence skills and solutions to achieve organizational and personal growth.

Why You'll Make More Money Using Us

Market Awareness is an advanced Primary Research intelligence company where our patent-pending process focuses on

measurable Key Performance Indices (KPI's)

that convert "information"​ into "intelligence" and enable organizational Competitive Advantages 

in the disciplines of Customer Experience (CX)

and Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Online INTELLIGENCE training



The customer and competitive intelligence solutions that we generate for your organization will allow you to take the guesswork out of what should be focused on, both strategically and tactically. Our solutions will be the backbone and foundation

for you, and your teams, to make more accurate, focused, and timelier

decisions for immediate​ organizational impacts. The metrics that

we provide, generated by Primary Research, will pinpoint

areas to increase revenues and decrease costs for

your organization - guaranteed.


Schedule a free advisory hour regarding any of your customer or intelligence programs. Market Awareness experts will provide guidance to you or your team about going around roadblocks or best practices to achieve your desired results.