is our online intelligence portal that allows our customers to view their intelligence in real time, review key performance indicators to run what-if scenarios, and conduct predictive/trend analysis on all of their analyzed organizational intelligence.

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an accredited online training company that helps organizations, universities, and professionals learn critical business skills and solutions to achieve organizational and personal growth.

Create a Firewall Around Your Customers

Market Awareness has been a pioneer in the 

Buyer Intelligence industry for almost two decades.

We provide various Buyer Insight solutions that will allow you to achieve higher buyer engagement, reduce customer churn, position your portfolio companies for seed funding or selling, increase revenues, decrease costs, and obtain greater strategic and tactical focus.

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Market Awareness gathers buyer information and converts to intelligence that is strategic, unbiased, measurable, and actionable. Allows executives and management to make more focused business and product decisions.

​​Your happiest customers are being bombarded by competitor products and services.

All it takes is one small crack from your company to give your

competition the opening they need.

Our buyer insight solutions will provide your organization

the intelligence to ensure you're meeting your customers' expectations.


This is an online form used by our customers to easily submit the contacts for the samples we'll be analyzing for them. The samples are then stored in our database and our scheduling team is assigned to them.